"stop thinking about it" wow thank u I am cured u should write a book

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how to communicate in a relationship


how to communicate in a relationship

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The Today Show - July 22, 2014 [HQ]

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I’m gonna follow some new people! So if i’m not following you or you know a good blog, send me a message or reblog this post!

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I’m pretty simple


I just want to be respected. I won’t stand for being lied to. I love simple “how are you?” texts. I love when people remember small things about me that I have said. 

I don’t ask for much and I never dictate people’s lives.

Anyone who cares, does this for me. And anyone who actually knows me knows that I really am just that simple.

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I wonder what’s so wrong with me. I mean…

'why wouldn't you want to love me?'

But then I remember

'oh why would you? I'm a mess'


when you fuck up and realize there’s nothing you can do so you just accept it


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